Our projects are built around people, not structures. In the end, a city’s value is in its offering to its dwellers. When undertaking projects, we set ourselves the challenge of ensuring that the project adds value to the city as a whole, that it enriches the lives of the people living in that city, that it takes them one step closer to realizing a dream: perhaps that of owning a home or expanding a business; better education for their children, or peace of mind in knowing that first class medical care is but a footstep away.

Ithra is the Arabic word for Enrichment. Our projects are designed to raise standards, complement a city’s offering, and enrich the progress and growth of individual lives and thriving communities. Socrates once said, “By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.”

As we build today the legacy that we will leave for coming generations, we strive to develop functional cities that serve their dwellers and empower them to create inclusive communities in which to grow and prosper. At Ithra Dubai we build with the vigour of youth, always guided by the wisdom of our elders, and keeping true to our heritage and culture. We plan, design, and build to world standard and beyond, always with the utmost respect for our environment, our users, and our partners.



Tenants Handbook

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