Craving culture, connectivity, and community? Live at the centre of it all.

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Now you don’t have to compromise

Finding the right neighbourhood can be a challenge, especially when looking for a long-term home. More often than not, tight-knit communities are far from the city, centres of culture lack that neighbourly charm, and communities close to business areas tend to be congested. There always seems to be a tradeoff.

The community that has it all

Since 2020, the Deira Enrichment Project (DEP) has been breathing new life and opportunity into Dubai’s original community centre and trading hub while preserving its unique charm and entrepreneurial spirit. Not only is it a place with heritage, but it is also a place where residents can lay down their roots and forge a new story in the heart of trade, culture, and community.

A mixed-use development with 2,200+ residential units, 400+ commercial units, 700+ shops, 40+ restaurants and cafes, and eight hotels with more than 1,450 rooms and serviced apartments of which 5, of the planned 8 hotels are opened and serving the community, and over 8000+ multi-storey and basement car parks, the DEP is an extensive development comprised of more than 20 districts spanning over 610,000 square metres built to accommodate over 31,000 residents, all with a small community feel. It has rooftop experiences, eight neighborhood parks, interconnected plazas, and waterfront promenades that bring the community together. Built with connectivity in mind, it’s easy to reach and conveniently located close to Dubai’s commercial district. With 720,000 ft2 GFA of office space, entrepreneurs can set up their businesses, enabling them to strike the perfect work-life balance.

Designed to enrich people’s lives, this is a community where residents can live, work, and will want to spend their leisure time. It’s a place where residents can find the sense of belonging, we all long for.

A timeless trading hub

Developed by Ithra Dubai to rejuvenate Deira, Dubai’s original trading hub, the Deira Enrichment Project elevates the district’s potential holistically while preserving its cultural characteristics. Home to the historic Gold Souk, the emirate’s oldest traditional market, and Deira Creek, the lifeline that was once Dubai’s main connection to the world, the DEP builds on their legacy to cultivate the next chapter in the area’s economic growth through the creation of the Dubai Gold Souk Extension and the Waterfront Market, giving rise to a comprehensive living and trading environment while maintaining the cultural and traditional charm of the area.

A vibrant community

Deira was once Dubai’s original community centre, and Ithra Dubai has restored this reputation with the creation of the Deira Enrichment Project: a bustling mixed-use development that offers a wholesome community environment for an integrated lifestyle between work, housing, leisure, and shopping. The development maximises shared spaces enabling the community to come together and mingle in interconnected plazas, shaded walkways, and restaurants, as well as open events and activities. There’s even a new waterfront promenade that features retailers and restaurants with uninterrupted views of Deira Creek, creating a lively environment for residents and visitors alike.


Historically, Deira emerged as a hub for commerce due to its waterway network (Deira Creek) that made it easily accessible to traders by dhow. In Deira’s roadway network, DEP cleared up the congestion through a range of transportation, parking, and signage solutions. Today, DEP lays claim to the first integrated central transportation hub in the UAE with a mall on top of the metro in One Deira Plaza, addressing the importance of connectivity in modern life. All public transportation services including metro, buses, taxis, and water taxis are accessible to ease the flow of traffic and reduce pollution. With the development of a central station, it will accommodate the increasing number of commuters. For those who prefer to drive, there are over 8,000 parking spaces to accommodate residents and visitors.

More to offer

The Deira Enrichment Project goes the extra mile to offer residents a comfortable and convenient experience with all the amenities you would expect from a modern development of its scale. There are several international schools close by, a few hospitals, police stations, and it’s not too far from the beach. You can find a range of international hotels in the community itself including Days Hotel, Super 8, Wyndham, Adagio, and Ibis Styles as well as offices, restaurants, shops, and a fitness centre. The Deira Enrichment Project even features Dubai’s first mall above a metro station at One Deira Plaza. Ithra Dubai always aims for bold and progressive ways to go above and beyond, transforming legacies of our past into landmarks of the future while strengthening that sense of community.

The Dubai Gold Souk Extension

Known as the crowning jewel of the Deira Enrichment Project, the Dubai Gold Souk Extension (DGSE) offers an authentic souk experience with the best of traditional and modern worlds. The DGSE was developed to uplift Dubai’s historic heart of commerce and aims to reignite Dubai’s reputation as the city of gold and the jewellery destination of the world. Designed to deliver the traditional souk experience for shoppers and traders alike, the DGSE redefines the overall Gold Souk experience with upgraded shops, shaded walkways, state-of-the-art facilities, famous eateries, improved ventilation and lighting, smart signage, and connectivity.

Recently opened on the 26th of April 2022, the 1,181,025 ft2 development located in Hind and Maryam Plazas houses a vast variety of gold, jewellery, and precious gems with 295 retail units, 250 offices, and 468 high-quality residences offered for lease model. It has already become a key tourist attraction, further supporting trade, and promoting economic prosperity in the area.

To meet the needs of residents and tourists flocking to DGSE, an entirely new district will be dedicated to silver goods and fragrances.

Live at the centre of it all

The Deira Enrichment Project offers the best of the past, present, and future. It’s an idyllic community for those who crave culture, connectedness, and balance. It’s a space where residents can grow in a supportive community that has it all. Why settle for less when you can settle down in a community that has everything you need?

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